Taking care of our parents and loved ones who have always taken care of us and helped us make the best decisions is a special privilege.  But as we know, this can be very difficult if we don't have a support team working with us.  





Caring for our parents and loved ones

  • In-Room housekeeping daily
  • Utilities Include Lights & Heat
  • Cable T.V. in all rooms
  • Room Services if Needed
  • Scheduled Transportation
  •  A homey atmosphere
  • Rooms furnished by you or us
  • Furnished Porches to relax on
  • Cheerfully Decorated 
  • Holidays & Birthdays Celebrated
  • Friends and Family welcome


Personal Care

Medication Management

The Villa's

There are a number of options available as we seek the best solution for our loved one.   Home sitters can get very costly. When a  skilled nursing home is not always needed.  This is when the Personal Care Home may offer the best solution for the best cost.  The Villas at Bellevue is a personal care home.   You have 24 hour security, knowing your loved one will have awake supervision, three nutritional meals and snacks, doctor appointments made and transportation scheduled, as well as help with daily living skills.  We also take great care in medication management.

Providing quality alternative care for our seniors

Personal Care Home


Here at the Villas, we staff those who are trained professionals who are there to assist with love, and compassion for all of our residents personal needs as well as those of the extended family.   We have no long term leases or entry fees.  You may come and join us for as much time, and as long a stay as fits your unique situation.  We  are always here for you when you need us.  We would love to talk with you and work out a plan that would meet your special requirements and help you make a decision. 


One of the hardest obstacles facing our elders today is managing their own medication.  Estimates from the government each year, in the United States alone, are more  than 100,000 people die from failure to properly take their medications.  For seniors, the statistics are particularly alarming.
There are lots of reasons why people neglect to take their medications properly. The most common reason is, they just forget, which seems innocent enough. The average senior takes about seven different medications (both prescribed and over-the-counter) every day, so it's little wonder that it can be difficult to remember and keep track of them. However, the consequences can be deadly if forgetting leads to taking the same medication twice and overdosing.  This is why we offer medication management for all our residents without any extra cost.  

  • 24 hour awake supervision
  • Three well balanced meals & snacks
  • Medication Management
  • Activities
  • ​Daily Living  Needs​​
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